Hey my name is Fox!
You can also call me Zorro, either is fine, and I'm a trans/nonbinary content creator!
Please use they/he pronouns when talking to me :]My birthday is on May 14th [ I'm an adult ] and I usually enjoy making art!

Art by: Sleppu

What I use:

- Clip Studio Paint EX
- Huion Kamvas Pro 16
-Surface Book Laptop

- Premiere Pro
- Adobe After Effects


These are all my boundaries that I have set up so I can take care of my safety and for others to know!With that being said, please respect my boundaries!

➤ Don't ask about my personal life! (Whether it be relationships, family members, and friendships) I'll talk about it when I'm comfortable in doing so! (don't try to contact my friends online/IRL to get info about me or of our relationships)➤ Don't vent dump on me! I have no control over the situation and no idea how to react, please know I care for you all but it puts me in a uncomfortable position.➤ Don't ask me to be your friend if we just interacted. This also goes for saying I'm your friend when there was no mutual indication of us being friends. (I don't condone parasocial relationships)➤ Don't send me disturbing imagery that includes: Trypophobia and close ups of textures/ insects.➤ Don't ask for a face reveal or try looking for images with my face! (To clarify, I have shown my face on the internet before especially as a child. I do not want to reveal my face at this point of time and looking for old pictures of me is incredibly creepy.)➤ Don't make sexual comments on my appearance or say uncomfortable stuff towards me. (EX: calling me daddy, sexy, beautiful, and etc. Especially if you are a minor.)➤ I'm still very uncomfortable hearing my own voice, so please refrain from replaying audio of my voice around me or others. Compliments are fine but I sincerely don't know how to handle talking about my voice.➤ Shipping me with others is fine! As long as the creator/person mutually is alright with being shipped then it's okay! Note: Being shipped doesn't equal us being involved romantically/or in an actual relationship.➤ Being drawn suggestively is fine! (Please don't push it further to making me seem overly sexual)


Please read my Terms of Service!

!Commissions are OPEN!

Temporarily taking commissions on my Ko-fi!


- I have the right to decline any commission if I'm not comfortable with it or It's overly complicated.- I reserve my rights to the final product (editing, posting, modifying for advertisement purposes).- DO NOT use my work for NFTs or AI- Commissions are to be used for personal use only!- Refunds are only allowed when the commission hasn't been made yet. (Sketch phase as well)- Commissions usually get done in 1-2 weeks to a few months (depending on what's happening) Please don't request anything from me if you can't wait that long!- I get easily distracted and burnt out! (as of recently I have not been happy with my work) If I go silent or take longer breaks, just know I'm trying to put 100% of my efforts to creating a piece that I'll love at the end!- You may ask for WIPS/updates on the commission but please don't message me everyday for an update!


➤ OCs
➤ Humans
➤ Fanart
➤ Furries/humanoids
➤ Mild gore


➤ Mecha
➤ Complex backgrounds (depending)
➤ Self-portraits/real people
➤ Semi-realism
➤ Political Content
➤ Logo designs
➤ Custom character designs